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Our Mission

At Kingfisher Ads, our mission is to empower small- to medium-sized businesses, family-owned enterprises, and visionary entrepreneurs. 

We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve unprecedented growth, enriching the lives of their teams and customers in the process.

Our commitment goes beyond being “just” contracted service providers; we aim to help demystify digital advertising and become an integral part of our clients’ teams.

Our clients stay with us for years, not months, like in many typical agencies.

Serving clients in six countries and growing!

How we’re different

Kingfisher Ads is a boutique agency that helps impact-driven businesses grow their leads and conversions through strategic Google and Facebook advertising. 

We value communication, transparency, trust, and results, and we promise that you will never feel like “just another client” with us.

Our founders, Andrew and Tim, have over 30 years of combined experience in online marketing and are deeply involved in developing client strategies and executing ad campaigns. 

Our unique approach involves managing multiple advertising channels, simplifying our clients’ experience and making digital advertising more cost-effective.

We act as true partners with our clients, offering quick and easy communication and a focus on client success. 

If you are like some of our other clients, you have worked with other ad agencies. (You may be working with one right now.)

But if you’re feeling underwhelmed with your current ad results…

If you’ve been left high and dry by someone in the past and now have trust Issues with freelancers and agencies…

If you’re ready to find an expert partner to help take you to your next stage of growth…

Then reach out to us.

We’ve seen it all before, and we’re no strangers to having to clean up a mess of an ad account or help build up trust in digital marketers again.

How we can help

In an era where the digital marketing landscape is changing on a sometimes-daily basis, we are your go-to experts at Google and Meta ads.

Since this is all we do, we are deeply immersed in online ads and keep up-to-date on current best practices and trends.

Hire us for: 

  • Ad account audits
  • Platform training for you and/or your team
  • Ongoing full-service monthly ad management

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"I've had different ad managers, and never have I felt as safe, as secure, and as able to scale my ad spend as I have with Kingfisher Ads. Having their support has transformed the way that I'm launching and running my business. They're going to be thinking about how you spend your money, changing and improving all the time to get you the absolute best conversions."
"We were looking for help managing ads across our web portfolio. Kingfisher Ads came in and helped organize and modernize our advertising campaigns. They are a super competent and friendly team! Now, I know our ads are being handled professionally and by a team that keeps themselves up to date on the latest PPC trends."
"Since working with Andrew and his team, we've been able to tap into new opportunities and audiences. They have allowed me to focus on the business and rest assured our Facebook ads are running smoothly without needing my constant attention. We feel extremely fortunate to have partnered with an agency that always finds a way. Kingfisher Ads has become an integral piece of our company's online success, with revenue up more than 50% in the past 8 months while working together."
"Our search for a reliable company to support our Facebook advertising strategy led us to Kingfisher Ads. The Kingfisher Ads team are entirely transparent, prioritising both their actions and service levels at all times. They provide clear communication and cost effective solutions to deliver an excellent CPA, and have an excellent understanding of our needs. I would highly recommend their service to anyone that can handle more leads."
"Working with Andrew is like having an extra team member. He is excellent at explaining his strategies and ideas, and his knowledge of Facebook Ads has made a big difference to us. Also, his ability to put systems and processes in place to help us track our conversions has been invaluable."
"Kingfisher Ads has been a huge help to our business as we've scaled rapidly. We really enjoy working with Andrew and have learnt a huge amount along the way. It's really reassuring to know that we have a dynamic, experienced and knowledgeable professional who is extremely responsive and motivated to see us succeed. If you would like to improve the performance/effectiveness of your ad spend, I highly recommend reaching out."
"Andrew goes above and beyond - I really feel like he cares about my business and the results we get working together. He’s not happy with ok results and is always tweaking and improving my ads to make them perform better. I feel very well supported."
"Facebook is set up that anyone can post an ad but it takes an expert like Andrew to get the very most out of your ad budget. Not only that but the time he saved us was invaluable and allowed me to focus on other areas of the business."
"It’s a pleasure to work with Andrew. He’s a great communicator, always keeping you updated and constantly pushing things forward."
Daniel Heitz
Founder & CEO, BackHub (Aquired by Rewind)
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