Friday Facebook Ads Tip #9: Use Longer Text in Your Ads

When people are browsing Facebook or Instagram they are reluctant to leave.

So if you are going to ask them to click on the link in your ad to bring them to your website it better be worth it!!

But how will they know it’s going to be worth it?

Give them enough information in your ad to let them know, that’s how.

Believe it or not, if a first glance at your ad gets someone’s interest and the opening lines of your text make sense to them then they will actually take the time to read on.

Keep them engaged and they will read much more than you might imagine.

Then if they do click they are a much more qualified lead than someone who clicks just because your one line of text sounded like “maybe” you have something that could be of interest…

And possibly the best benefit of all… when the Facebook algorithm tries to understand the common traits of the people who are most engaged by your ad and actually click your link, it will be much more effective at finding the right people.

PLEASE NOTE: It goes without saying that your text needs to be well thought out and well written. I use storytelling formulas for Facebook Ads which I would be happy to tell you more about if you contact me.


Video Transcript:

My tip this week is about the text that you use in your ads.

I want to encourage you to use longer text.

There’s a misconception that short snappy text works better in ads because people don’t have time to read.

But that’s wrong. It has actually been proven that longer text is working better.

And there’s a few reasons for this. One of the reasons is that people don’t want to click away so then if you tell them more information within your ad, it’s easier for them to make a decision.

And the other main thing is that Facebook is learning a lot from this. Facebook knows if someone stops to spend time to read your ad and it knows that particularly if it’s long enough that they have to click to see more of that text…

Facebook also knows that and therefore knows how to find similar people to show your ads to.

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