Friday Facebook Ads Tip #37: Transitioning from Facebook Profile to Facebook Page

Promoting a business on a personal Facebook profile is not a good long term strategy for growth.

When starting out, your personal Facebook profile is the perfect place to show the world (well your friends and family) what you are doing…

…but in the long run business owners need to embrace Facebook pages.

Although it can feel frustratingly slow at first and you won’t get the same level of interaction as on your profile…

…for the benefit of your business’s long term future, it’s important to start making the transition.

A time will come when you want to run ads – even if only a simple promoted post.

If you have only used your personal profile to promote your business…

…you will have no way to show ads to the people who engaged most with your posts or to the following you have built up.

One of the best ways to transition from profile to page…

…and to be able to show ads to an engaged audience…

…is to post videos on your page and share them to your profile – much like I said in my previous videos about sharing videos in groups.

Then when you create custom audiences based on video views the people who watched the videos on your profile will also be included.


Video Transcription:

Hey! This week’s tip is for those of you who are using your personal Facebook profile to promote your brand or to promote your business.

You know, I see it all the time where people have Facebook business pages and they post there, and then they post the same content on their personal profile and they get far more interaction on their personal profile.

And over time they begin to post more there and put more emphasis there. That’s okay in the short run and it’s good to let people know what you’re doing.

But the trouble is that when the time comes that you want to actually run ads, you’re not going to be able to show those ads to the people that have been following you and are most interested and engaged in what you’re doing.

So a way to transition them over and so that you can show them ads in the future is similar to what I said in the last couple of weeks about groups, is post videos to your Facebook page, then share them into your personal profile, and from there you’ll be able to build audiences based on video views, so that you can show them ads in the future.

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