Friday Facebook Ads Tip #47: Timely Retargeting

Show the right ads at the right time.

Retargeting isn’t as simple as showing an appropriate ad to the people you want to retarget.

You need to think about the stage your potential customers are at in their buying journey so you can show them the most relevant ads.

If they recently started following your business on Facebook or Instagram or engaged with one of your posts, then your business or product will be fresh in their minds.

Even more so if they visited your website, and in particular a specific product page. Then your ads will resonate even more.

People in this situation are regarded as a hot audience, and you need to ensure you retarget them in the immediate days following with highly relevant ads.

As the days pass without a purchase/registration taking place, they will be less “warm”, and you need to treat them accordingly with a different style of ads and messaging.

Video Transcription:

Hey! This week I want to get back to talking about retargeting.

Now I know I’ve said a lot about retargeting in my previous videos, but it’s just so so important that there’s lots more that I have to share about it.

And this week I want to focus particularly on how you break out your audiences into how warm how cold they are.

What I mean by that, particularly focusing on website traffic, is that you want to break them up, for example, into people that have viewed a product in the last seven days. Then you might have an audience of that 7 to 30 days and then 30 days to 180 days.

So you’re obviously going to have a slightly different strategy and show different ads to each group of people.

So keep that in mind when you’re doing your retargeting.


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