The Return of Facebook Attribution Windows (Including 7-day View and 28-day View)

Facebook Attribution Windows are back, which means you can now see your Facebook Ads results based on:

  •  1-day view
  •  1-day click
  • 7-day click
  • 28-day click

AND, with a little hack we discovered, 7-day view and 28-day view.

To see all six attribution windows in your Facebook Ads Manager, insert the following into the URL:


(Note you must have the “Compare Attribution Settings” option available in your account, as described in the video)

Video Transcription:

Hey, I want to talk about Facebook Ads Attribution Windows.

Back in April 2021 when the iOS 14.5 changes came in, unfortunately, the ability to view our results in different attribution windows was taken away from us.

But the good news is they’re back.

So in Ads Manager, just go to columns, click there, scroll all the way to the bottom, and you’ll see “Compare attribution settings”.

Now unfortunately, it’s not available for everybody yet.

It’s not in every account. Just keep an eye out for it. Hopefully you’ll have it.

Click there, then you can choose the attribution windows that you want to see.

Once you’ve those selected, in your view, you will see multiple results, which covers exactly what you normally see for your attribution setting.

But then you’ll also see all the various different windows, including 7-day view and 28-day view, which were actually not there as options for you to click.

But we figured out with a hack that you can change the URL.

So I’ll put the text up here, what you need to get into your URL to make sure you have them too.

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