Friday Facebook Ads Tip #19: The Lead Generation Objective

Quick and Easy Lead Generation! That’s what Facebook’s lead generation ads can give you. And you don’t even need a website!

With inbuilt forms, people don’t need to leave Facebook or Instagram to submit their details, and what’s even better is that their contact details are prepopulated.

You can also ask additional questions, but my advice is to keep it simple. The key is to get their contact details but remember in a world of instant gratification, when someone submits their details they expect to hear from you quickly. So don’t disappoint them or it might be too late!

There is one potential downside of lead ads though… the fact that it is so easy for someone to submit their details can also be a negative as it means the quality of the leads might not be as high as it would be if more is required of the person.

The alternative is to use another objective such as the conversion objective or traffic objective and send people to a landing page with a form. The person will need to wait for the page to load, then read some text before filling out a (potentially) longer form. It will result in fewer leads, but the quality of leads will certainly be higher.

My advice? Test both!


Video Transcript:

Hey! This week I want to talk about the lead generation objective. Now that’s not to be confused with the conversion objective, which I spoke about a few weeks ago.

Yes, of course you can use the conversion objective to generate leads, but the difference with the lead generation objective is that when a person clicks on your ad, they actually stay on Facebook. It has an inbuilt form, which is actually prepopulated with their contact details so it makes it very quick and easy for somebody to opt in or to make an enquiry.

So, you know, it’s great for getting people to sign up to a newsletter or to make an enquiry such as requesting a call back or also to request a coupon code. So go and set up an ad using the lead generation objective if you’re looking for a fast and easy way to get leads or to build a list of emails or a list of phone numbers.

All the best and see you again next week.

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