Friday FB Ads Tip #32: The Importance of Video Ads

Facebook is evolving and big changes are being made to improve the user experience.

They know video works so they want to show more videos across the platform.

They also want to be able to show more posts in our feeds which is why they are reducing the amount of text shown with each post in the Facebook news feed on mobile (as I spoke about last week).

This will make it easier and faster for people to scroll, meaning they will see more posts and therefore more ads.

An image can only do so much to capture attention and get a message across but with video there is a wide open opportunity to engage and entertain, resulting in less reliance on the opening three lines of text.

Using video also provides a unique opportunity for retargeting based on the percentage of a video watched. (More on this next week)

The bottom line is Facebook want more videos to be shared on Facebook and Instagram – and there are many benefits of using videos in your ads – so you need to ensure they are part of your Facebook advertising strategy!

Video Transcription:

It’s not a bad view, is it? I have a feeling that you might have taken an extra second while scrolling through your feed to look at this video and wonder what’s going on and think, hmm, that’s a beautiful view! Well, what I want to talk about is the importance of video for your ads.

I know I’ve said it before, but even more so now with the recent changes that Facebook are making, in particular, the one I mentioned last week about reducing the amount of text that’s going to be shown above an image or a video in your feed, it just makes it even more important to use video and to, in particular, have an engaging video that people want to stop their scroll to watch.

So that’s my tip for this week. Start using more video. All the best, see you again next week!

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