Testing. Testing. Testing.

Testing is critical to running successful Facebook ads, yet it is often overlooked. Testing different elements, such as images, videos, copy, and audiences help determine what works best and optimises ad performance.

When testing, allocate an equal budget to each element being tested to ensure that the results are accurate. By doing this, you can easily see which elements perform the best and make data-driven decisions to improve the overall performance of your ads.

Video Transcription:

Testing. Testing. Testing. I’ve said it time and time again, and I can’t emphasise it enough how important it is to test various things in your Facebook ads.

I’m particularly talking about images, videos, copywriting, audiences, and obviously there’s other things like placements, but particularly with images and copywriting, do a test where you’re putting the same amount of budget behind each one.

I don’t see this being done enough. I’ve taken over a few new accounts recently and it wasn’t being done in the past.

And in these accounts, I see some great ads that have worked before, some audiences that have worked before, but then I have ideas of what we want to do instead with new images, new audiences to test out, so we want to put them together and test them against each other.

So, make sure you’re testing in your Facebook ads.

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