Friday Facebook Ads Tip #49: Targeting Engaged Shoppers

View my updated Engaged Shoppers post and video here (Feb 2023) 

Online Christmas shopping time is upon us!

At this important time of year for most online retailers, ad targeting and messaging need to be on point.

Ideally, you will have built up engaged and interested audiences for retargeting but if you also want to show ads to cold audiences, here’s a great tip.

Hidden away in the detailed targeting section of saved audiences under behaviours, you will find “Engaged Shoppers”.

By narrowing your audience to include this behaviour you will ensure you are targeting people that Facebook considers to be engaged shoppers based on the actions they have taken on Facebook, Instagram and on websites using the Facebook pixel to track purchases (which by the way is almost every ecommerce website you can find).

NOTE: You need to ensure that you select “narrow further” within your audience to ensure the people in your audience match your interest and demographic criteria AND are also Engaged Shoppers.

Video Transcription:

Hey! it’s December. And that means just one thing. It’s Christmas, and that means Christmas shopping.

So if you’re selling products online that you want people to buy for Christmas, the next two weeks are key for you.

Now, hopefully, like I’ve been saying in my last few weeks, you’re set up for retargeting.

Hopefully you’ve audiences built up over the last few months that you can retarget with your ads over the coming weeks. But if you want to go out and target cold audiences, here’s a tip for you.

A lot of people don’t realise that when they’re creating a saved audience in Facebook, there’s a behaviour in there called Engaged Shoppers.

So that means that Facebook knows by the actions that people have been taking on other websites or on Facebook, that they are people that purchase.

So hopefully you have a large audience when you create your cold audience, and then you can just narrow it down a little bit to select just the engaged shoppers.

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