Friday Facebook Ads Tip #7: SIZE MATTERS

What if carefully defining your Facebook Audiences is actually having a negative effect on your ads?

When comparing advertising on Facebook and Instagram to other platforms, the targeting options available is one of the major advantages.

It’s amazing how specific you can be in terms of demographics, interests and behaviours.

However, by getting so specific, it can often leave you with very small audiences.

They might work well in the beginning but you will quickly run out of people and your frequency rates will get very high.

And how certain can you be that you are choosing the best people to target?

Believe it or not, because Facebook knows so much about its users, the algorithm can do most of the hard work for you.

Based on your ad and on the people engaging with your ad, the algorithm will know who to show the ad to and over time it will learn even more.

So my advice is to use larger audiences in each of your ad sets (even combine similar audiences if necessary).

Aim to have one million people in each ad set and even if you have a niche product or local service still try to get your audience to at least 400,000.

Be patient in the first 2-3 days while the algorithm is learning and then watch it work it’s magic!


Video Transcript:

The size of your audiences matters a lot.

Even though you can choose different interest groups and demographics to refine your audiences you don’t know for sure who the people are that are going to interact with your ads and therefore, hopefully, essentially buy your product.

My tip for this week is to keep your audience sizes larger.

The reason for this is because the Facebook algorithm is so smart that even if you target your ad to a large audience the algorithm can quickly figure out from your ad, and from the first people to interact with your ad, who it should be showing the ad to.

So that’s my tip – go ahead and make larger audiences.

Aim for them to one million people.

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