Say No to GA4 Automigration!

Don’t Let Google Take Control: Say No to GA4 Automigration!

Google will soon begin auto-migrating Universal Analytics (UA) properties to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) even if a GA4 property has already been created.

You DO NOT want this for many, many reasons.

Here are just a few:

-Google’s automigration won’t consider your specific business needs or goals, leading to poor tracking and reporting.

-If you have already set up GA4, you may still be subject to auto migration, which can overwrite your existing settings and data.

-Automigration will copy over all of your Universal Analytics data, including events, goals, audiences, ads links, and users, resulting in a messy data structure that is difficult to use and interpret.

-Automigration may enable Google Signals, which may not comply with certain laws or restrictions.

-Automigration sets up conversions but only supports event or destination goals at this time. Conversions using other goal types or regex are not eligible for migration.

-Automigration copies over all users with access to your UA property, potentially giving unauthorized access to sensitive information.

-By allowing Google to migrate your conversions automatically, you are relying solely on their judgment that the UA actions they migrate are still relevant.

-If you permit Google to bid on those conversions in Ads, it may not align with your current objectives & won’t be optimized for them, resulting in wasted ad spend.

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