Friday Facebook Ads Tip #20: Retargeting Lead Ad Engagement

Facebook and Instagram lead ads are not only a simple and fast way to get leads, they also provide a great way to build custom audiences to retarget people with future ads.

You can build custom audiences based on page or post engagement over a specific number of days but you can’t focus on the engagement of separate posts.

However, you can build audiences from the views of individual videos, as I have spoken about before, and with lead ads, you can build audiences based on the people who clicked the link to open the lead form.

Regardless of whether they proceeded to fill out your form, you can retarget these people and you can create separate audiences for those who completed the form and those who didn’t.

Retargeting those who didn’t fill out the form can be especially effective if the form required a lot of info or required them to think carefully about their answers. The fact they clicked shows interest and intent so a reminder (and a different call to action other than a form) could be very effective.

As for those who filled out the form, while you now have their contact details, depending on the situation and process, it could be vital to continue to provide them with information that reinforces your business’s strengths and benefits.

Video Transcript:

Hi there. This week I want to continue talking about the lead generation objective, and I want to talk about a few more benefits to using this type of objective and type of ad, which as I mentioned last week is a form, a lead generation form, which means that the user doesn’t even have to come off Facebook.

So one of the big benefits obviously the main benefit is that you’re going to get leads from it, but not everybody’s going to fill out the form, so there are going to be some people that will click your call to action, see the form, but not actually fill it out.

And you can, you can actually retarget these people. So they don’t need to have gone to your website and have the Facebook pixel load. You don’t even need a website. So once they click on the link to go to your form, whether they fill it in or not, you can put them into a separate custom audience and retarget them with other ads.

So that’s the tip for this week, do some retargeting based on your lead ads. All the best and see you again next week.

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