Friday Facebook Ads Tip #13: Optimise for Landing Page Views with the Traffic Objective

If you want to get people to your website or landing page and you don’t want to (or can’t) optimise for conversions, then optimise for traffic.

But if you’re optimising for traffic, then you actually want the people to get to your page.

Unfortunately, by default the traffic objective is only optimising for link clicks which means the algorithm is finding people who regularly click on links – but it doesn’t mean they will wait for the site to load!

However, there is another option within the traffic objective to optimise for “landing page views” which is what you really want.

It might sound like pretty much the same thing, but look at any campaign with this objective, and you will always see a higher number of link clicks compared to landing page views.

Then you might be wondering why you would ever optimise for just link clicks…

…and the answer is because you might be linking to a page you don’t control where you can’t place your Facebook Pixel, such as an event booking page on another website.

If you need any help with getting this set up or have any other questions about it, then feel free to drop me a line.


Video Transcript:

Hey! This week I want to talk about the Traffic objective. When you are using the Traffic objective for your Facebook and Instagram Ads what you are essentially asking Facebook to do is find the people that are most likely to click through to your website.

But there is one important thing you need to remember when you are setting up your campaign and that is that by default it’s set up to optimise for link clicks which means Facebook is just looking for people that will actually click on your link. but that’s not saying that they’ll wait for your website to load so you want to make a change so it’s optimised for landing page views.

But just remember, for that to work you need to have the Facebook pixel installed on your website. So you might want to look back at the first video in my series to learn more about putting the Facebook pixel on your website. That’s my tip for this week use landing page views instead of link clicks when you’re optimising for traffic. All the best and see you again next week.

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