Friday Facebook Ads Tip #10: Make Longer Videos

Video ads are powerful but don’t believe the BS about short attention spans. If your targeting is right and you use good messaging then people will watch your video for longer than many “experts” will tell you.

Not only does a longer video give you an opportunity to get a clear message across, but a huge added benefit is that it helps differentiate between the people who watched very little of your video and the people who watched all or almost all of it.

That then makes it much easier for the Facebook algorithm to find more of the right people to show your video to.

And, as I will discuss next week, it will be a great help to you with finding who to show your future ads to.

While Instagram has a limit of 60 seconds, if you are talking about something very beneficial/appealing to your target audience, and your video is engaging, then don’t be afraid to make a much longer video for Facebook-only ads.

Remember, it’s about getting the right people to watch your video, not getting as many people as possible to watch the full length of your video!


Video Transcript:

It’s time to start talking about video ads. Video ads are arguably the best form of ad to use on Instagram or Facebook.

However there’s a little bit of confusion around the best length of video to use in your ads. Many people will say they should be short because people don’t have a long enough attention span (so keep it to 15 or 20 seconds).

But that’s not right because, unless it’s just purely for branding reasons, if you actually want people to take some action then you need to give them some more information.

So make your videos longer so that they can decide whether or not they’re interested, and also the Facebook algorithm is going to show the video to more people that are similar to those that actually watched all of or the majority of your video.

So Instagram has a limit of 60 seconds and I would encourage you there and on Facebook to use about 50 seconds, or even more if it’s only a Facebook ad. That’s the tip for this week. All the best and see you again next week.

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