Friday Facebook Ads Tip #28: Keeping Engagement when Duplicating Ads

There are many reasons why you might want to run the same ad in multiple different campaigns or ad sets.

The most common situations are when you want to use different campaign objectives and/or your ad sets are targeting different audiences.

You might also run separate campaigns for different regions.

Also, if you have an ad that has already been very successful and has a lot of engagement (reactions comments, shares) it is a very good idea to use that exact ad in new campaigns and ad sets to show the social validation you have built up.

However, that isn’t as easy as you might think because if you just copy the ad you are going to lose that engagement.

Thankfully Facebook recently made it much easier to keep the engagement when duplicating campaigns and ad sets. Now when you click “Duplicate” you will have the option to carry over the engagement on the ads.

Remember though, this means you can’t change anything in the ad or it will essentially become a new ad.

The other way to ensure you keep the engagement that an ad has is to choose “Use existing post” when creating a new ad and then enter the post ID of the ad you want to reuse.

The easiest way to find the post ID of your ad is to click to preview the ad and then you will find the id at the end of the URL.

Video Transcription:

It’s time to get a little bit more technical with these ad tips. This week I want to talk about the right way to duplicate or to use the same ad across different ad sets and campaigns.

And there’s many reasons why you’d want to do that, especially if an ad has been successful for you.

But what I see far too often is that people are using the same ad, so the same copy, same image, same video across different ad sets and campaigns, but it’s technically not the same ad, which means that if somebody comments or reacts to it, those comments and reactions aren’t being shown across all the different versions.

So what you need to do, when you’re duplicating an ad set or a campaign, there’s now a new option that Facebook have added so when you click duplicate, you have the option to bring over the existing engagement from the ads within that ad set or campaign, so I highly recommend you use that.

Or alternatively, when you’re creating a new ad, you have an option to use an existing post. So if you just take the post id of your existing ad then you can put it in there, and then you’re going to show all that engagement on the ads.

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