Friday Facebook Ads Tip #35: How to Target Facebook Groups with Ads

It’s one of the most common Facebook Ads questions I hear… “Is it possible to target group members with ads?”

The short answer is that you can’t target group members with ads…

…BUT there is a trick to get around this.

Groups are huge on Facebook and they are one of the saving graces for the platform in a time of negativity aimed at the company…

…so much so that Facebook is making groups a more prominent feature.

As well as being members of multiple groups, many business owners have their own groups.

Some are free to join and others are only open to students of a course or members of a programme or membership group outside of Facebook.

These groups often have thousands of members who are all there because of common interests.

So wouldn’t it be great to be able to target these group members with ads?

The trick to achieving this is to post a video on your own Facebook business page and then share it into the group you would like to target.

By doing this, when you create a custom audience based on video views it will include the members in the group who watched your video.

(You don’t even need to be a group admin to do this but of course, some groups don’t allow self-promotion so do keep that in mind!)


Video transcription:

Alright, time for this week’s tip! And again I’m going to talk about video, but this is a little bit different. This is something that I think a lot of people are not aware of and it might just be one of the most beneficial tips I’m going to give you.

This is about sharing your videos in groups. So a lot of people wonder can… like people have their own groups and they wonder, can they actually use the members in their group as an audience to show ads to?

Or like these days, we all know groups are huge on Facebook, so a lot of us are members of various different groups, but there’s no way to target those people with ads.

But there’s a little trick… if you share a video that you have put on your business page into a group, then the people that watch it will actually be included in the audience that you build based on the views.

So go share videos in groups. All the best, see you again next week!

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