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It continues to be a very difficult time for business owners all around the world. Many feel like they are in an impossible situation but thankfully for many others, and in particular businesses with an online offering (or the potential to move online), all is not lost.

It’s a time to take stock and look at where the opportunities are.

If your business can benefit from Facebook Ads then I want to offer you a free consultation.

You can use this link to book a free 20-minute call with me:

And I’ll be happy to extend the call or schedule another call if there is more that I can do to help.


Video Transcription:

Hey, I just wanted to make a quick video to let you know that I’m here to help. If you need any help with Facebook ads, I would be very happy to have a call with you. The link will be below here.

You can book a 20 minute call with me. It costs nothing. Maybe we will even need to speak a little bit longer. That will be fine too or we can schedule another time as well if you’d like to speak for a little bit longer.

This is obviously a very tough time for many people. You know, for some businesses, understandably it’s just impossible and due to the nature of their business, you know, they’re under a lot of pressure. But for many people, while it is extremely difficult, you still can be doing things to help your business. And if Facebook ads is one of those things, or if you think there’s any even small chance that learning more about Facebook ads or getting some help with Facebook ads would be of benefit to you, then please, please do get in contact with me.

Actually, I’ve been making a course, some of you might have heard me talk about this before and I have a Facebook ads course that I’m developing and I actually thought when all this happened about two weeks ago that I was going to have lots of time to continue making that course because obviously I, like anybody else have lost some clients or at least clients have, you know, needed to pause the advertising that they’re doing, and I thought that would give me a lot more time but actually, you know, because I want to help more people, I have been helping quite a few people, but equally I’ve had a few new people come to me as clients because well, they realise that now is a time that they actually really need to make sure that they’re getting their advertising right.

And also there are some other businesses that have some new opportunities at this time. Not that they’re trying to be opportunistic with what’s going on, it’s just that they’re fortunate enough to have products or services that are in high demand at this time, so, you know, obviously, thankfully for me, that’s a little bit of new business. But yeah, so I’ve been quite busy, but as I said, it’s also just speaking to a lot of people that have questions and need some help, and I want to offer to do that for more people. So please, as I said, I’ll put the link below and you can book a call with me if you like.

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