Facebook Attribution Windows in Practice

In my last video, I spoke about the return of Attribution Windows in Facebook Ads Manager (including a hidden method to see the 7-day view and 28-day view).

Today I am using a client campaign to show and explain the results we see in each attribution window.

It’s incredibly beneficial for us to have access to this data again as we scale our client campaigns and measure their results from multiple channels.

Video Transcription:

Hey, in my last video I spoke about the attribution windows coming back in Facebook Ads Manager.

Now I want to show you an example from a client account to show how this is so beneficial.

So here you’ll see we’ve got the standard attribution setting of 7-day click or 1-day view.

Under Multiple we see the total results and then if you just slide across, you see the 1-day view and the 7-day click.

By adding those results together, that’s what you’re getting there in Multiple.

Now we can see that we’ve got a lot of 1-day view conversions here, and that’s really insightful for us and it’s probably because this is a very easy domain name to type into a browser and a lot of people will know of it already, so people just may not click and may go directly to the website, as a result of seeing the ad.

And then we can see the conversions in the other attribution windows.

And 28-day view and click are so interesting to us because we know it takes people a while to make a decision to sign up for this site.

I hope that’s helpful. Reach out if you have any questions about this.

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