Friday Facebook Ads Tip #50: Facebook’s Advertising Policies

Succeeding with advertising on Facebook and Instagram is difficult enough without your ads being disapproved.

Before advertising on Facebook it is important to spend time reviewing the advertising policies.

When you read the policies you will see that advertising of some particular products or services is forbidden and there are strict guidelines for certain categories.

Overall the most important thing to Facebook is the user experience on the platform. Therefore if your ads make somebody feel negative, Facebook will not like this.

So, for example, implying that somebody has health challenges or financial difficulties is not accepted.

Equally making unsubstantiated claims or wild promises in terms of health benefits or financial rewards is not allowed.

Read the policies in full here:


Video Transcription:

Hey there! This week, my tip, unfortunately, is a little bit boring, but it’s extremely important. It’s about the Facebook advertising policies.

More and more these days you might be hearing of people whose ads aren’t getting approved, or even worse, their ad accounts might be disabled for violation of policies.

Now it is happening sometimes by mistake and it can be appealed and you’ll get the account reactivated.

But you know, it’s vital that people understand the policies that Facebook have around advertising.

For example, there are certain products that you just can’t advertise on Facebook, but often, you know, within each different area, there are things that you can’t do or can’t say, you know, for example, within health, within finance things, you know, you can’t promise certain things.

So just make sure you pay attention to what the policies are before you get going with your advertising.

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