Facebook Ads in a Time of Crisis

We’re experiencing something unprecedented right now. It’s a very worrying time for many people for obvious reasons. Besides the health concerns, it is also a worrying time for many business owners. However, fortunately for some businesses, it presents opportunities.

There are businesses that will be lucky enough to have their products in demand at this time and also fortunate enough to be able to fulfil their orders. For other businesses, there is also much to be gained.

As I discuss in my video below, it is a time for helping each other out and by doing this on social media, businesses can raise their profile and also gain new followers and customers.

For example, there are businesses who will be able to offer services online now despite never doing so before. I encourage you to embrace this. Focus on serving your existing customers and followers by giving value and then you can also promote your content to a new audience using Facebook ads.

Watch my video for further details and please feel free to reach out to me if you would like to know more.


Video Transcription:

Hey there. We’re experiencing some very, very strange times at the moment as you don’t need me to tell you. I’ve spoken to a number of business owners and obviously there’s a lot of concern out there. Some are already feeling the pinch and you know, clients of mine, some of them have already pulled back on the Facebook ads that they’re doing and that’s like, that’s to be expected. But equally I want to talk about some of the opportunities that are there for business. This is something so different and so unusual that it actually is going to help some businesses to change how they are operating and to look at new ways of doing business. Like if you think about everybody that’s now working from home that probably never worked from home before, it’s going to be difficult for them in the beginning and difficult for the business.

But they’re going to realise the things that are most important that they need to focus on. And in some ways they’ll be more efficient with the work that they’re doing. They’re also going to learn that working from home or working remotely has many benefits. And I think it’s going, when we get through this, which we will, it’s going to help businesses to evolve and move to some better ways of working. From a Facebook ads point of view, as I said, I know some businesses that have already pulled back on their Facebook ads, but equally I have, I actually had some clients, one in particular for example, who sells exercise products and just recently they’ve had some record sales in Italy. Now what’s going on in Italy is absolutely terrible. It’s horrific, but you know for people life has to go on and we’re seeing that as well now in other countries where, you know, people are being confined to their homes and for example, gyms are closing, you know, so people still want to exercise.

It’s actually very important that you’re going to go a bit crazy if you’re not doing all the things that you normally do and especially if exercise is part of your routine. So something like that – if you’ve got products that are going to benefit people, you know, especially in their homes. And there are a lot of opportunities out there. And what’s also happening is because many businesses, even their supply chain has been affected, they can’t advertise on Facebook because they don’t actually have the product. So if you are one of those businesses where fortunately you’re not affected in that way, they’re actually going to be opportunities for you. Also, of course people are going to be bored and they’re going to be on social media quite possibly a lot more than they usually would. So again, you’ve got those people that are going to be seeing your ads.

And another thing is – I mentioned businesses that are going to operate a little bit differently. Take for example, if you’re a fitness trainer, you might be used to people coming into your place where you operate your studio or your gym and now you’ve had no choice but to close. Or even if you didn’t choose it, people would be choosing not to go there. So I’m sure many of you in that situation would have thought about, you know, doing online coaching before but maybe didn’t quite know how to go about it or you know, didn’t have the time to make a course. But now it’s a super opportunity for you to put something out there and give value to people. That’s the thing. No matter what business you’re in, there’s opportunities to give value to people, help people out, and it’s going to help you in the long run.

You know, you give something free now, give something valuable, get people’s good will and faith in you. So as I said, if you’re thinking about doing something like coaching online, maybe just go get onto Facebook, do a Facebook live. Yes, it can be daunting in the beginning, but do go through a, you know, an exercise routine that you’re very used to doing. Do it. Nobody’s going to expect anything really, really professional, you know, do it in your living room, do it in your kitchen, your garage, it doesn’t matter. Record it and put it out there to obviously your own followers and fans, but you’ll be able to use that post and to boost it. So again, even if you were never doing Facebook ads before, you have a perfect opportunity with some content like that to put it out to people. So make people aware of you and as I said, just give them value.

You know, hopefully that can come back to you in the future. But I think most of us know at the moment that in the times that we’re in, that it’s actually, it’s more important. We actually feel good ourselves if we’re helping people. So if you can put something out there that’s helping other people, I think that’s going to help you as well in the long run. So, you know, as always, I also want to help people. If you do have any questions about Facebook ads, then please please send me a message and I’d be happy even to jump on a call if you’re confused about something. You know, cause as I said, if you’ve never done Facebook ads before, there a

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