Friday Facebook Ads Tip #43: Facebook Ads for B2B Advertising

There is a belief in many B2B companies that Facebook is not a suitable advertising channel. If you are a B2B marketer, I urge you to think differently.

Facebook ads can be used for B2B at each step of the customer journey, beginning with showing relevant content to a cold audience, then showing ads to those who have engaged with previous ads and relevant website content, and finally showing conversion-focused ads to the warmest audience and existing leads.

One of the greatest opportunities for any business advertising on Facebook will come from its existing email list(s). Not only is it possible to show ads directly to those people but you can also generate lookalike audiences of people most similar to those on the list.

It is also possible to target specifically by job title, employer, education (school/university, level achieved and field of study) and also by Facebook page admins (which indicates someone works in marketing or is a business owner).

On Facebook, ads to a cold audience need to be engaging and tell a story explaining why the company is doing what it is doing rather than focusing on the product. As the user moves down the funnel the ads can be more educational and finally specific to the product.

Video Transcription:

This week I want to talk about B2B advertising on Facebook.

There is a misconception that Facebook isn’t the right place for these type of ads, but think about it.

Unless you’re selling a very, very niche product, the chances that your buyer is using Facebook like no matter what company they are in or what type of job they have, they are very likely to be using Facebook on a personal level.

So particularly if they’ve been on your website already, so you know, if you’re driving enough traffic to your website, even from cold contacting people and they’re clicking a link in an email to go to your website, then Facebook is the perfect place to show them some follow-up ads, particularly some videos that are just educating them, just warming them up, helping them to get to know your product or service.

And then after they’ve watched videos like that, you can show them further ads to bring them further along the customer journey.

So don’t forget about Facebook when you’re doing your B2B advertising.



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