Friday Facebook Ads Tip #39: Facebook Ads Checklist

Get these 5 things right and you have a great foundation for your Facebook ads.

There are an almost endless amount of things to think about when running Facebook ads but here I have narrowed them down to 5 of the most important.

1. Use Business Manager instead of the regular Ads Manager. This gives you access to additional features including the ability to upload lists of email addresses to create custom audiences.

2. Ensure you have the Pixel installed on your website to track visitor actions. This enables you to track conversions and also to retarget visitors based on the pages they visited.

3. Create as many Custom Audiences as you can. For example, based on visitor actions as mentioned in #2 above or from email addresses as mentioned in #1 above. You can also create custom audiences based on Facebook or Instagram engagement and video views.

4. If you have large custom audiences (I normally recommend 1,000+) then using Lookalike Audiences is one of the best ways to find a (similar) relevant audience.

5. Use Videos in your ads! I’ve said this a lot before but I don’t think I can say it enough. Videos have the double benefit of being engaging and providing fantastic retargeting opportunities based on the % viewed.

Video Transcription:

Hey! My last two videos were very much geared at people that are not yet using Facebook ads, but would like to get started.

Now, I want to talk more to those of you already dabbling in Facebook ads, but maybe you’re a little bit confused, not quite sure what to do. Quick checklist for you.

One, make sure that you’re using business manager, it’s much better than the regular ads manager.

Two, make sure you’ve got the pixel installed on your website.

Three, make sure you’re using some custom audiences, so for example, an audience of people that have visited your website and that’s what the pixel is for.

Four, make sure that you’re using some of those custom audiences to create lookalike audiences as long as the custom audience is large enough.

And five, make sure if you’re not doing it, start using videos in your ads.

That’s my tips for this week. All the best, see you again next week!

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