Friday Facebook Ads Tip #21: Facebook Ad Library

Choosing images and writing copy for your ads can be a challenge at the best of times and it’s getting all the more difficult with higher advertiser competition and stricter advertising policies.

Of course, we all want to be unique and ensure our ads get attention for the right reasons, but as with any advertising medium, it is worth checking out your competitors’ ads and even the ads of unrelated businesses.

In April 2018 Facebook introduced the Info and Ads tab on each Facebook page so anyone could see the ads associated with that page. Recently they made it even easier with their Ad Library where you can now search by page name, organisation or topic.

I personally find it very interesting to see the image style that other advertisers are using, even if I often don’t agree with their strategy.

And if someone successful has an ad running for quite a long time then it could indicate that it is working well for them, so it’s worth taking note!

Either way, it is a useful way to get some inspiration and ideas, but just remember what’s working for them (and their audiences) won’t always work for you. You will just have test it out!


Video Transcript:

Hey there! This week I want to tell you about a great way to get some inspiration and ideas for your ads by looking at what your competitors and other businesses are doing with their ads.

So, about a year ago I recorded a video telling you about something new to Facebook introduced called the Info and Ads tab, which was all about transparency. And it was a way that you go to a page and see what ads that page was running. But now Facebook have taken that to another level and they’ve created what’s called the Ads Library.

So if you go to there you can search by page name, business name, topic, and you can see all the ads that a business or a page are running. And this is brilliant if you want to get some ideas for ad copy or images. And you know, especially if there’s somebody in your industry that’s doing very, very well and you want to see what looks like is working for them with their Facebook ads.

So go check it out and I think you’ll find them very very useful. All the best and see you again next week.

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