Friday Facebook Ads Tip #40: Excluding Audiences from Ads

It’s very easy to focus on who you want to see your ads, but what about who you don’t want to see your ads?

Without excluding audiences you will waste a lot of money showing ads to the wrong people.

Take for example a campaign to get new customers. Once someone becomes a customer you won’t want them to see the ads in this campaign any longer.

To achieve this you will create a custom audience of people who reached your confirmation page and exclude that audience from the campaign.

Once set up, anyone who reaches the confirmation page will no longer see those ads.

Another very useful example is when using different warm audiences in individual ad sets.

For example, one ad set might target your email list and another the recent visitors to your website. You could group these together in one ad set but it can be very useful to see their performance separately.

In this case, some people will be in both audiences so you will need to exclude accordingly to ensure they are only targeted by one ad set.

With a large number of audiences and many user actions taking place this can become quite complex, so if you’re having difficulties with it get in touch and I’ll be happy to help you out.


Video Transcription:

Hey! In this series of videos, I’ve regularly spoken about custom audiences. Right back to video number five when I explained what exactly they are and how to set them up.

But something I never mentioned was about the importance of using custom audiences to exclude people.

So the reason you would do that…. you know, there’s a few reasons… one is that, for example, you might have a special offer that you just want for new customers, so you need to exclude your existing customers.

Another situation would be if you want to retarget people that have been on your website with a few different ads, and for example, you might want to show one ad to them for seven days after being on the website, and then in the following seven days, you want to show them a different ad.

So in that case, for the second ad, you’ll be creating a 14 day audience. But it’s vital that you exclude people in your seven day audience.

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