Friday Facebook Ads Tip #1: Ensure you have the Facebook Pixel on your Website

I’ve decided to post a weekly Facebook Ads tip. There’s a lot of information available on Facebook Ads but often it’s too complicated and the articles and videos can be very long.

I’m going to keep my tips short and very specific so that they are easy to take in, even for beginners.

Facebook ads (which also include Instagram ads) are so powerful for all kinds of businesses and I want to help you get the best out of them.

If you already use Facebook Ads for your business or you’re interested in using them in the future, then I hope you find my tips helpful.



Video Transcript:

This is the first video in a series of Facebook Ad Tip videos that I’m going to do.

Today’s tip is very simple but extremely important. It’s about the Facebook Pixel.

If you have a website, just like you would put Google Analytics on the website, you must put the Facebook pixel there too.

What it does is it not only gives you Analytics similar to Google Analytics, it also gives you far more data on users using the information that Facebook has.

And more importantly, even if you’re not using Facebook Ads already, if you plan to in the future, what this is doing it is tracking the users and storing that information.

So in the future, you could retarget those visitors to your website with ads.

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