Friday FB Ads Tip #27: Embedding Subtitles in Videos

Last week I recommended using to transcribe the audio in your video to text so that you can add subtitles.

The SRT file you export which contains the text and timings can be uploaded to Facebook to include subtitles on your videos.

However, you will often want to embed the subtitles in your videos so that they always display. In particular, you must do this to include subtitles on your Instagram videos.

Unless you have some high-end video editing software – and the skills to go with it – I recommend using Kapwing to embed subtitles in your videos.

All you have to do is upload your video to Kapwing, import the SRT file you created in Temi, and you will instantly have perfect subtitles on your video.

You even have the option to change the font, font size and color, which is something many similar tools don’t offer.

Kapwing also makes it simple to change the dimensions of your video so you can turn a standard video into a square or vertical video with just the click of a button.

Having said all that, another great option is to hire someone on if you don’t feel like doing it yourself!

Either way, don’t underestimate the importance and benefits of putting subtitles on your videos!

Video Transcription:

Hi there! As you can see this week I’m combining my tip with playing some golf. If only I had somebody to give me some tips on the golf course!

But anyway… This week’s tip is quite simple. It’s a continuation of last week’s, it’s about subtitles again. What I said last week was about creating an SRT file so that you can add subtitles to your videos. And I mentioned about uploading that file to Facebook.

But the thing about that is that it depends on user settings, whether those subtitles will be displayed. So you often want to, or you know, it’s better actually to embed the subtitles in your video.

And also you will need to do that if you want subtitles to show on Instagram. So a tool I recommend for doing that is Kapwing. Check it out, there’s great options there. You can also even resize the videos there.

Or an alternative would be the check out something like Fiverr where you can hire somebody to put the subtitles on the video for you. So that’s my tip for this week. All the best and see you again next week.

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