Friday Facebook Ads Tip #29: Dynamic Creative

It’s difficult to predict which images, videos, text, headlines, CTAs, etc, are going to resonate most with your audience (or get their attention) and perform the best.

One of the best ways to find out is to use Dynamic Creative. With Dynamic Creative, you can submit up to 10 different images or videos and 5 of each of the other elements:

– Post text
– Headline
– Link description
– Call to action button

Facebook will then use multiple combinations of these to help you find the best performing ad.

And not only will you find the best ad, but you will also be able to see which individual elements are performing the best.

By using Dynamic Creative you will also ensure that as the frequency increases your audience will be seeing multiple different variations of your ads leading to slower ad fatigue.

It is possible to use Dynamic Creative on the following conversion objectives:

– Conversion
– Traffic
– Video Views
– Reach
– Brand Awareness
– App Install

When you create an ad set within one of these campaigns you will have the option to switch on Dynamic Creative.

Here is Facebook’s official description of Dynamic Creative:

Video Transcription:

Hey! This week I want to talk about Dynamic Creative. Dynamic Creative is a way that you can quickly and easily test multiple different variations of your ads. Because what you can do is, you can upload a group of different images, different videos, and multiple different pieces of text, headlines, calls to action, and Facebook will essentially take them all and combine them in different ways to find out which combination is working best for you.

So you’re going to find out which ad is working best for you, but you’re also going to figure out which image works best, which piece of text works best, and so on. So it’s a really great way to quickly test out some different ads, but it’s also a great way to make sure that your audience aren’t constantly seeing the same ads from you, because they’re going to see these variations.

So, select Dynamic Creative in your ad set and start using it. All the best, see you again next week!

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