Friday Facebook Ads Tip #17: Custom Conversions

Even if you are not using the Conversion objective for your Facebook and Instagram ads (yet), it’s important to set up conversion tracking within the Facebook Ads Manager.

That way you will see how many conversions you are getting from your other ads and you will be “training” the Facebook pixel to understand the attributes of the people who are converting so that when the time comes to run an ad with the conversion objective, it will know who to target.

To track conversions, you can use either Custom Conversions or Standard Events.

With Custom Conversions you can simply select a URL as your conversion location – for example the URL of your thank you page or confirmation page and it’s much easier to set up than Standard Events, which require you to add some additional code to your website.

Don’t forget you can also track visits to pages such as your contact page or checkout page as conversions which can be useful if your sales or enquiry numbers are not very high, but you still want to target people similar to those taking key actions on your website.


Video Transcript:

Last week I spoke about using the Conversion objective for your Facebook and Instagram ads. And after that a few people contacted me
and asked me how best to set up conversion tracking. Well, there are actually two ways.

You can use Custom Conversions or you can use Standard Events, but besides how the names sound, it’s actually Custom Conversions is the much easier way to set up conversion tracking, and in most cases, it’s absolutely perfect.

So to create a custom conversion, go to the main menu within the Facebook Ads Manager and find Events Manager, and under there you’ll see Custom Conversions.

When you create your new custom conversion, you’ll be asked to insert a URL or a part of a URL that you want to track. So for example, if you want to track a conversion
every time somebody goes to your thank you page, you can just put in the word “thank” and then anytime somebody lands there, a conversion will be tracked.

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