Friday Facebook Ads Tip #25: Creating Videos for Ads

There’s no doubt videos get attention on Facebook and Instagram and often there’s no easier way to get a short, simple message across.

Some good images and clear text can be enough to make a professional looking video ad – even if you have absolutely no video editing experience and you think you’re not creative!

There are some amazing video apps online to help you, and they come with a variety of stunning templates to get you started. All you have to do is select your template, import images or short video clips and insert your text in the relevant places.

You can also include audio and choose from different sizes, depending on the platform.

And if you don’t have good images or video clips you will have the option to use stock images and clips.

My recommended apps for creating short, effective video ads are Animoto, Promo and Reevio.

These apps have a monthly/annual subscription so your choice might depend on your budget but also on the features you require.

Reevio also offers a starter plan for a once-off payment which might be enough to meet your requirements.

Alternatively, if you don’t plan to make video ads often, you could pay for a month each time you need to create a video and cancel before the end of the month 😉


Video Transcription:

Hey! After last week’s video about using Stencil to create image ads, quite a number of people asked me could I recommend a tool for making video ads?

We’ve all seen great videos on Instagram and Facebook and they can be so creative and so engaging, but it looks like it takes a lot of work to create them.

But actually it’s not as difficult as you might think because there are some great tools out there that help you make video ads like that. And you just have to import your own short video clips or images and add some text, and you too could have a great video.

So my go-to tool is called Animoto. And a couple of others that I highly recommend checking out are Promo and Reevio.

So that’s my tip for this week, check them out, I’ll put the links below. All the best, and see you again next week!

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