Friday Facebook Ads Tip #4: Create Saved Audiences

Knowing your target audience and testing multiple interests, age groups etc. is key to being successful with Facebook Ads.

To be efficient with creating new ads and to get a clear understanding of which groups are taking action, you need to create multiple saved audiences.

You will then have them ready to go when you want to publish a new ad (or promote a post) and you will easily be able to draw comparisons between the results when you use them in separate ad sets.


Video Transcript:

Ok, it’s time for this week’s Facebook Ads tip.

Following on from last week’s tip when I told you about boosting posts, I want you now, if you’re not already, to go and create a saved audience – or actually multiple saved audiences.

To do that, you go into the Facebook Ads Manager and then in the menu at the top left find “Audiences”, and within there you’ll see a blue button that says “Create Audience”, and you’ll have a choice there to either create a Custom Audience, a Lookalike Audience or a Saved Audience.

When you click on “Saved Audience” you get various different options like age, location, gender and you can choose from a variety of interests.

By creating multiple saved audiences, it’ll then save you time every time that you go and create your ads.

And that even works when you are just boosting posts.

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