Friday Facebook Ads Tip #5: Create Custom Audiences

Any effective Facebook or Instagram advertising strategy requires the use of custom audiences.

As custom audiences are made up of people who have already interacted with your business, they are a powerful way to re-engage based on previous actions.

However, the value of custom audiences is not just in using them for retargeting…

You will also want to use custom audiences to exclude people from seeing specific ads, and as I will discuss next week, their true power is possibly in the creation of Lookalike Audiences.


Video Transcript:

This week’s tip is about creating Custom Audiences.

Similar to creating Saved Audiences, within Ads Manager you go to Audiences and from there you can set up a few different types of custom audiences.

Now firstly, what is a custom audience?

Well, a custom audience is made up of people that have already interacted with your business.

There are three main ways this might happen.

One is that they’re on an email list or they’re customers which you can upload to create an audience.

Two is that they have interacted with your Facebook page or some posts on your page in a set period of time.

Or.. the last one is that they’ve been on your website, and that’s why you need the Facebook Pixel on your website as I’ve mentioned before.

So that’s my tip this week.

Go ahead and create some custom audiences for your business.

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