Friday Facebook Ads Tip #18: Conversion Tracking with Standard Events

As with life events, events that take place on your website can be far from “standard”, but that is how Facebook has chosen to classify them.

They reflect what Facebook regards as the most common events taking place on a website, and you can configure them to measure conversions as well as use them as conversion objectives for your ad campaigns.

They can also be used to build audiences so that you can get extremely specific with your retargeting.

To configure your events go to the pixel setup area in your Facebook Ads Manager and select the events you want to track. Once selected you will be provided with a snippet of code to include on your website along with your pixel code.

Alternatively, you can use the new “Event Setup Tool” which makes it much easier and requires no code editing.

Facebook Event Setup Tool

In many cases, the event will be set to trigger on one specific page while in other cases you will need to configure the event to trigger when a button is clicked.

Here are the 17 events you can choose from:

*Add payment info
*Add to Cart
*Add to wishlist
*Complete registration
*Customise product
*Find location
*Initiate checkout
*Start trial
*Submit application
*View content

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line.


Video Transcript:

Hey, last week I spoke about tracking conversions and I mentioned that you can use either custom conversions or standard events, and I said that the easiest way to set up conversion tracking is by using custom conversions. But now I want to talk a little bit about standard events.

The main thing that you need to know about standard events is that you can do some more advanced conversion tracking. So I’m not going to go into a huge amount of detail here, but just think things like clicking on buttons or filling in particular forms.

And also when you get a conversion, like a purchase conversion, you can include other details there, like the value of the transaction. So to set up a standard event, you go into the pixel setup, so there’s code for your pixel and for each standard event, you’ll add a little bit more code. So that’s how you set up standard events.

Go and take a look for yourself, all the best, and I’ll see you again next week.

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