Friday Facebook Ads Tip #12: Choosing Your Video Campaign Objective

Choosing the right objective for your Facebook and Instagram Ad campaigns is not always as easy as it seems.

You need to remember that when you choose an objective, Facebook is going to show your ad to people most likely to take the action required of your objective.

But that doesn’t always mean they are the best people to show your ad to from your perspective.

In the case of video ads, by choosing Video Views as your objective, the Facebook algorithm is going to prioritise showing your video to the people in your audience who have a history of watching videos.

However, if you choose Conversions as your objective your ad will be shown more to people who have a history of taking action and converting.

Getting a lot of video views can feel great but just remember it might not be the best objective to help you achieve your overall goal.

Even if only trying to generate awareness and create an audience to retarget (based on how much of your video people watch), it is often worth testing Engagement as your objective instead of Video Views.


Video Transcript:

Hey! This week I want to continue talking about video ads. What I want to talk about is the objective to use when you set up your video ads.

Now it might seem obvious that you use video views as your objective but actually what you have to remember is that when you are using that objective what you are asking Facebook to do is find the people that are most likely to watch videos.

There’s a lot of people that will watch videos but take no action. So you’ve got to think carefully. In some cases actually going after engagement as an objective can work out better so I would recommend that you test that.

But, in particular, if you are looking for people to take an action like especially if you are retargeting an audience then you’re going to be much better off using conversions as an objective.

You might get far less video views but you will get far more conversions. So just think carefully when you are setting up your video ads. All the best, and talk to you again next week!

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