Friday Facebook Ads Tip #41: Campaign Structure

The foundation of your Facebook Ads..

There is a multitude of things to think about when creating a Facebook Ads campaign but without understanding the basics, the more advanced techniques and strategies are worthless.

Firstly you need to know that each campaign can contain multiple ad sets and each ad set multiple ads.

At the campaign level, you set your objective (conversions, traffic, engagement, lead generation, brand awareness, etc).

At the ad set level, you define your audience, the placements for your ads, and up until recently, the budget for each ad set (more on this change next week).

At the Ad level, of course, you set up your ads and you can run any number of ads in the same ad set to test them against each other.

An important note, however, is if you are using the same ad in multiple ad sets, ensure it is actually the same ad… in other words ensure the ID of the ad/post is the same so that the engagement is shared (more on this in video #28 in this series).

Finally, I strongly recommend you use at least three different ad sets in each campaign, particularly to test cold audiences.

More on this next week…

Video Transcription:

I was just about to record a video about Campaign Budget Optimization, but then I thought to myself, you know, I’ve never actually spoken about the structure of a campaign in Facebook.

Now, for many of you, this could be quite obvious, but I know that a lot of people that watch my videos are quite new to Facebook ads, so I wanted to talk about this briefly.

So within a campaign, you, well firstly at the campaign level, you choose your objective for your campaign.

But then within the campaign you have your ad sets, and within your ad sets you have your ads. So it’s at the ad set level is where you put in your various different audiences.

And if you have a few large audiences, I would recommend that you use at least three different ad sets to test them against each other.

And then in each ad set, you can test your ads. So that’s my tip for this week, all the best, see you again next week!


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