Friday Facebook Ads Tip #42: Campaign Budget Optimization

Budget management is moving from the Ad Set level to the Campaign level.

The management of budgets for your Facebook ads has always been at the ad set level.

However, almost two years ago Facebook announced that this would change as they introduced Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO).

Right now it is still possible to choose between CBO or managing the individual budgets of your ad sets manually but in February, CBO will become the only way to manage the budgets of your Facebook ad campaigns.

For people accustomed to carefully managing the budgets of each of their ad sets in a campaign, this might seem like a frustrating change; now they need to trust the Facebook algorithm to distribute campaign budgets in the best way across all ad sets.

Fear not though. I have been seeing some excellent results using CBO and you also have the option to set a minimum and maximum spend for each ad set so you can maintain more control than it might first seem.

That said, I would encourage you to use these min and max settings sparingly and let the algorithm work it’s magic!

I also recommend that you have at least three different ad sets in each campaign.

Video Transcription:

In this video I want to talk to you about Campaign Budget Optimization.

Last week I spoke about the structure of a Facebook ad campaign. And what Campaign Budget Optimization is doing is it’s moving your budget management to the campaign level instead of the ad set level.

Now at the moment you have a choice, you can do it either way, but in time, most probably early next year, you’re not going to have an option anymore. It’s going to be only at the campaign level.

Now, that can be a bit frustrating for some people who are used to managing their budgets at the ad set level, but actually what this is going to do is, it’s allocating your budget to each ad set according to the performance in real time.

So in the long run, it’s actually going to be much better. So if you’re not using it already, start giving it a go.

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