Friday Facebook Ads Tip #46: Be Patient with your Facebook Ads

The Facebook algorithm is smart, but it needs time.

When you launch a new campaign it will often take a few days for the algorithm to test various segments of your audience and identify the best people to show your ad to.

If it looks like a campaign is not performing well after 24 hours or even 2 days there will be a temptation to make changes or switch the campaign off.

The same applies to while your campaign is running. The algorithm resets every night at midnight (in your time zone) and it can happen – as it tries something new such as a new segment of your broad audience – that you will have some bad days.

Rather than making rash decisions you need to study the data to see if there is a consistent downward trend and pay attention to key indicators such as frequency which will tell you if your audience is seeing your ad(s) too often.


Video Transcription:


Hey there! It’s not a very good day here.. in Malaga, where I am.. right now I’m right in the center of Malaga and look, it looks pretty miserable.

It’s raining and it’s windy. Feels more like I’m back at home in Ireland!

But you know it got me thinking, when it comes to Facebook ads, it’s not always going to be sunshine either, because it can take the algorithm a while, particularly in the beginning of the campaign, to figure out who it needs to show your ads to.

So make sure you don’t switch off an ad campaign just after a day or even two days. You have to have patience, you have to give it a chance.

And also, if a campaign has been performing well and suddenly it has a bad day or two bad days, be patient, because quite often it will come right back and perform well again.

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