Friday Facebook Ads Tip #8: Be More Natural with Your Ad Content

When was the last time you stopped to read the text on an ad or watch a sponsored video while browsing social media?

It’s very easy to become ad blind. As you stand in line in a supermarket and decide to take a quick look at your Facebook feed, you’re already primed to scroll that little bit faster when you see something that looks like an ad.

But what is it about the ads that get your attention?

Facebook and Instagram are places people go to take a little bit of time out of their busy days.

They go there for news.. for inspiration.. for a laugh… but they don’t want to see ads interrupting their precious and limited time…

Unless….. unless it is something that gets their attention in the same way posts from good friends or favourite brands/teams/influencers do.

Be Natural with your ad content..

Write text in a conversational and natural language. Say something that people identify with instead of boasting about the “amazing” features of your product or service.

Use real photos and imperfect videos.

Show the real you or the real personality, sentiment and honesty of your business.

Engage with your audience in a positive, natural, fun way and watch the results from your Facebook and Instagram Ads grow and grow.


Video Transcript:

My tip this week is about the content that you use in your ads.

So that could be the images, videos or text.

My tip is to make that content more natural.

You want it to blend in on Facebook and Instagram.

Remember that people are there to see what other people are sharing.

They’re there in their downtime and they don’t want to be interrupted by ads.

So if they see your ad and for them to take notice you want it to actually blend in.

You want them to be able to identify with it and for them to feel that it’s something very natural.

So therefore the images don’t need to be absolutely perfect and for the videos, it’s actually better that they’re not totally professional looking.

And make the text read well and read more naturally like a post that one of their friends would be sharing.

So that’s my tip for this week – make your content more natural.

All the best and I’ll see you again next week.

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