Friday FB Ads Tip #30: Analysing Ad Results

When running Facebook and Instagram ads it is very common, especially for new advertisers, to focus on one or two metrics when assessing the success of campaigns and individual ads.

Yes, there are key metrics that will give a good indication of performance but it is important to dig a little deeper.

Depending on the campaign’s objective, the first thing you will want to do is ensure you are looking at the most relevant columns.

For example, if your objective is Video Views then you will want to look at the Video Views set of columns.

You can also create a custom set of columns which is especially useful when you want to see conversion data along with the default columns.

To dig much deeper and get a better understanding of the performance of your ads, click the breakdown button.

There you can choose from options such as age, gender, placement, platform, conversion device and many more, and you can also use it to see the performance on individual days, weeks or months.

This is also where you go to see the performance of the individual assets in your Dynamic Creative ads.

So next time you are looking at the performance of your ads dig a little deeper and you could be amazed by what you discover, and how it can help you with your future ads.


Video Transcription:

Hey! This week I want to talk about reading and analyzing the results of your ads. So, when you’re in Ads Manager and you see a list in front of you, it will be a list of campaigns or ad sets or ads; up the top right, you’re going to see a button there, which has a dropdown menu. It will have defaulted to just a performance report, but you can change the layout of your report there.

So for example, if you select Engagement, or Video Views, Performance and Clicks, it will change the layout – so the columns that you see. And show you the information that’s more relevant to you for your campaign.

Now the other very important thing to look at there is right next to that button is a Breakdown button, and a lot of people miss this, but in there you can easily change results to show them by gender or age or various other metrics.

So check that out as well. All the best, see you again next week!

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